Ahoy Matey –  Here be me favourite pirate party ideas!

In this post I shall talk about a Pirate Party (what sort of decorations you should have and so on)


Being a Pirate

Before you look for any decorations, you have to find a costume. A pirate party without the costume is like baking a cake without flour. Visit the Pirate posts about costumes to find your costume. Don’t forget to look at the recommended accessories!


Finding the party decorations

Finding the decorations, would obviously be one of the most fun parts of having a party. For a pirate party, I would think that you need a pirate flag. It is up to you, if you want the flag to be weathered and old looking, or whole. The Beware Of Pirates 3D Yard Sign is also an awesome addition to the pirate party. It will definitely make guests feel more like real pirates. Another great decoration to a pirate party would be a parrot. If you like, there is also a Spiderweb Clock if you want to have a stylish way to tell the time.

Click on the following link for the Weathered Pirate Flag

Click on the following link  for the Pirate Flag

Click on the following link for the Beware Of Pirates 3D Yard Sign

Click on the following link for the Parrot

Click on the following link for the Spiderweb clock


Pirate Party Ideas: Games

For a pirate party, you might want to have a treasure hunt with maps to make it more interesting.

You could play pin the parrot on the pirate or perhaps pin the sword on the pirate.

Another fun pirate idea is to ‘walk the plank’ you do this by having a long wooden ‘plank’ and a few plastic crates. Put the plank on the ground where you would like it to be. Put the crates underneath the plank at each end and if you like, you can slip a small inflatable pool under the plank to make it much more challenging.

I hope you got some new wind in your sails from our list of pirate party ideas – party ahoy!

Pirate Party Ideas