Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate Party Ideas

Ahoy Matey –  Here be me favourite pirate party ideas!

In this post I shall talk about a Pirate Party (what sort of decorations you should have and so on)


Being a Pirate

Before you look for any decorations, you have to find a costume. A pirate party without the costume is like baking a cake without flour. Visit the Pirate posts about costumes to find your costume. Don’t forget to look at the recommended accessories!

Pirate Costumes For Girls

Pirate Costumes For Girls

Ahoy Matey – Here be me favorite Pirate Costumes For Girls:

Treasure Hunt Pirate Girl

 Treasure Hunt Pirate Costume

I find that this is one of my favorite pirate costumes for girls because it is really cute and sweet.

The costume includes a pretty pink and black dress and a striped head scarf. The costume is soft and is good quality. But the costume runs a little bit small.

Your daughter will love this cute and sweet pirate costume and will be the sweetest pirate around.

Also, If you want it to puff out the skirt a little bit more like the picture, I recommend getting a petticoat.